Does Health Insurance Cover Abortion?

Does Health Insurance Cover Abortion?
Does health insurance cover abortion? Since abortion is a case, which happens in almost every country in the world, there might be some people who are curious whether it is included in the health insurance or not. Here is a brief answer and explanation to that question.
Abortion itself is still being a very hot debatable topic today. Some people agree that it is a “very bad” thing, therefore government should do anything to prevent the citizens in doing it. On the other hand, some other people agree that every individual hold the control of herself. Therefore, taking the action of abortion should not have anything to do with other people.
Performing abortion means that a woman will access reproductive health care. At many times, it can be costly. Even though it is so important, some state politicians already taken a voice that they withhold the coverage of abortion. The state laws prohibit many private insurance plans to offer abortion on their coverage. On the other hand, other state law also withhold the coverage of abortion through the Medicaid program, even though they are insured. However, there are some states that provide abortion under their coverage. So what is the answer? Yes or no? It can be both, depend on the country where you are living.

Does Health Insurance Cover Abortion

To give you wider knowledge of this matter, here we will include the list of the policy in some countries:
1.             Three states (which are California, Oregon, and New York) require almost all insurance plans to give the abortion coverage.
2.             Seventeen states use their own finance in making sure that women who enrolled in Medicaid have the abortion coverage.
3.             Thirteen states offer the coverage of abortion for every people enrolled in Medicaid, but in one condition; it requires the provision of court orders.
4.             Four states voluntarily offer the abortion coverage for every people enrolled in Medicaid.
In contrast to that, twenty six states already announce the law that prohibit any insurance plans to provide the coverage of abortion. This is as the part of inclusive health care plan, which is sold in the insurance marketplaces specially designed by ACA or the Affordable Care Act. Eleven of those states even prevent all private insurers to offer abortion coverage as the part of health care plan.
Those are all information we can share. We highly hope that it can answer your curiosity about the question of “Does health insurance cover abortion?”

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