Minuteman Health Insurance Categories and Coverage

Minuteman Health Insurance Categories and Coverage
Starting a few years ago, the Minuteman Health Insurance was first known as non-profit health insurance provider that focused to serve the residents in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. What makes the health insurance products from this company unique is the face that the affordability in mind always comes in each individual health plan. This plan’s goal is to make sure the cost remains lower compared to other insurance products from large health insurance firms. This way, individuals can afford the insurance health plan easier.
3 Plan Categories

Minuteman Health Insurance Categories and Coverage

There are three different plan categories that the Minutemen offer in Massachusetts. These plans are offered for both families and individuals. The categories include Connectorcare, Patriot and Constitution. Meanwhile, the categories for residents in New Hampshire are a bit different. The options include Premium Assistance Programs designed for Adults, Silver Cost Share Reduction and Constitution.
By having any of the plans, the members can choose from more than 9500 doctors and several hospitals. As a non profit insurance company, this company has initiative pledge which is to return the earned profits to the health plan members so the members can enjoy lower premium costs or increased benefits. Of course, these are such great benefits that members love to have.
Moreover, the company since it was first in operation promises improved efficiency for members, employers and doctors, low administrative cost and also unparalleled transparency. These are the things that make this company different to others.
Shutting Down and Re-Opening
Despite having the positive features that other companies don’t have, the Minuteman Health was finally closing down. At the time this company shut down, there were 37.000 customers being the members in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This is definitely such a bad news but the good news is the company is re-opening in January. The difference is this new re-opened company will become a for-profit insurance company.
Being a new company after re-opening, the Minuteman Insurance is still committed to work with the members in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. And, the company is still continuing its old partnering model with high quality providers and low cost. However, there will be increased premiums for the health plans because now the company has changed into for profit company. By making sure this company still exists although in different form, Minuteman has made sure that the company can still strive between 11 other smaller players in New Hampshire. 

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