NJ State Health Insurance Programs and Coverage

NJ State Health Insurance Programs and Coverage
NJ State Health Insurance is as profitable and beneficial as the standard health insurance. The difference is only on the provider. The standard insurance is provided by private insurance company while the NJ state insurance is provided by the New Jersey State. Also known as SHBP or State Health Benefits Program, it was first built in 1961. What this insurance offers is prescription drug and medical coverage for all the qualified local and state government public employees, eligible dependants and retirees. This insurance also covers the dental coverage to all qualified local and state government public employees, retirees and also the eligible dependants. But in order to participate in it, the employers have to adopt a resolution.
Who’s Responsible for The Insurance

NJ State Health Insurance Programs and Coverage

In this case, the SHBC or State Health Benefits Commission takes the control. The SHBC is an executive organization that is responsible to oversee the SHBP. The program itself is found Statutes Annotated of New Jersey, Title 52 in the Article of 14-17-25. What these rules govern are about the administration and operation of the program.
Recently, there has been a new program known as SEBHP which refers to School Employee Health Benefit Program that was built back in 2007. This particular program is not different in terms of coverage. Only, it is intended for all qualified employees, eligible dependants and retirees of the local public education institution. Of course, the employers have to adopt a resolution first to be able to participate in it.
State Health Benefits Program
Like other health insurance, this state health program also offers a variety of benefits. For the government public employees, the benefits are simply numerous and are as good as the benefits offered by private insurance plan. In fact, this program is considered more beneficial for the employers. For instance, the benefit covers for the fact that the local employers have the flexibility to limit number of coverage or plan given to the employees. In other words, the health plan or insurance is customizable. This certainly is a very good benefit. Moreover, the NJ State is the one responsible to pay for this plan instead of the employers so it makes a really good deal.

Overall, considering the term of this health plan as national program providing both counseling and assistance to the beneficiaries and families, this certainly makes a good program. Both employees and their eligible dependants can enjoy the benefits.

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