Oscar Health Insurance Reviews on Approach and Product

Oscar Health Insurance Reviews on Approach and Product
The Oscar Health Insurance reviews provide detail information about this so called “hipster” health insurance that was founded a few years ago in 2013 by Josh Kushner, Mario Schlosser and Kevin Nazemi. This particular start up based in New York is very unique in its approach to health insurance that it is considered a disrupter by the more traditional insurance companies. Yet the customers love it because this company somehow has managed to make health insurance less suck which is a very good thing. In the first year, the company provides insurance only for individuals based in New York before they finally sell the products in 9 upstate counties in the state of New Jersey.
Oscar with User Friendly Approach

Oscar Health Insurance Reviews on Approach and Product

Since it was first founded, Oscar has already used different approach to serve the customers. The company is known for its technologically advanced approach that no other companies use yet for health insurance. Entering the year of 2014, there were around 17.000 new members enrolled.
Unique approach is their signature style. For instance, in the end of 2014, Oscar announced about starting to provide fitness monitoring device for the members. And, they also offer the cash incentives for members using the device. Moreover, a cloud system is also used by the company for documentation, billing and providing various services both online and mobile.
Oscar Insurance Products
Being a company with unique approach makes Oscar a company with unique insurance products. They offer Simple Plans insurance products. As the name suggest, this product is designed to be easy to use with its simplified design. Despite being simple, this product actually offers variety of deductibles and premiums. Meanwhile, some other plans offer free generic prescriptions, free doctor visit, low co insurance and low co-pays.
The health plan by Oscar is offered in five different coverage choices including Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Secure. There are several options in each level and the comparison chart between different plans can be accessed in the official website of the company. Mainly, the difference is between the deductibles and premiums. With lower premium, the deductible will become higher but not the medical care as it remains the same.

There is another plan known as Doctor on Call which includes a free service. With this plan, the member can speak to the doctor over phone to ask questions and ask for prescription that later will be sent to local pharmacy. 

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