Way Out for Health Insurance Marketplace Login Trouble

Way Out for Health Insurance Marketplace Login Trouble
If you find any difficulties for health insurance marketplace login, reading this article is what you need. To log in to your Marketplace account, the two things you need are username and password. However, if you forgot one of them or both, you can follow these steps. What you need to remember always is that you should not create second account.

Way Out for Health Insurance Marketplace Login Trouble

1.             Forgot your password
You can find this option on the log in page. Click it then follow the instruction. It will need you to do several steps then redirected to your email account and a new password will be created. This option also works if you feel that you have the correct password but it does not work.
2.             Forgot your username
If you create your account after February 2014, there is a high possibility that the username is your email address. However, if you create it before that time, you will to try more ways. For your information, the username in marketplace uses between 5 up to 74 characters. It can include both letters and numbers. Some symbols like_, ., @, / and – can be used as well as long as it is not at the last character of the username. If you could not remember it at last, you can click the option of “forgot your username” in the log in page then follow the directions.
Different with forgetting the password, if you forgot the username, the marketplace system might ask you with several security questions. If you are the one who create the account, then you will not find any difficulties to answer the questions. However, the worst scenario still can happen at anytime to anyone. If you cannot answer it, you can contact the Marketplace Call Center to unlock your account. After they verify who you are, you will receive a password reset email within 24 hours.
Those are all information we can share. If you forgot your password or username, one thing you should do is don’t be panic. There will be a way out. To make sure that you will not forget it anymore, you may need to write it on a note or in your smart phone memo. As health insurance marketplace username and password are so very important, you need to keep it safe. So, every time you are in a rush to log in, you will not waste your time. Hopefully, you will not find any difficulties related with health insurance marketplace login anymore.

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