Wea Health Insurance: All You Need to Know

Wea Health Insurance: All You Need to Know
What comes up into your mind if you hear about health insurance? For you who pro with the existence of health insurance might think about the easy medical payment coverage. But for some of you who don’t agree might think about the difficulties to claim the insurance. But, whatever your answer is, you have to think about it twice if it is linked to Wea Health Insurance. The insurance company is different from the other health insurance you ever know.
About Wea Health Insurance

Wea Health Insurance All You Need to Know

The Wea Health Insurance is made to fulfill all you need about trustful healthcare insurance while you are living abroad. The health insurance can be addressed to both individuals and groups or family. The Wea Signature Healthcare is an international health care plan mainly used by expatriates. The health care plans of the insurance company are divided into three. The plans include Care, Elite, and Select. Those three plans have their own specialties and range from the most affordable one that will fit to your pocket up to the most comprehensive medical payment coverage. You can choose the one that really meets your needs about international insurance to help you cover medical payment while you are living abroad, either alone or with your spouse and family.
The Options of Wea Health Insurance Plans
To give you clear description of what health insurance plans offered by the Wea Signature Healthcare, here are the highlights of those three options.
1.             Care
In this first option, there are some interesting plans offered for you. This plan includes worldwide coverage with 5 deductible options you can choose. You will get private room with this insurance if you are hospitalized. There will be medical payment coverage up to $25.000 for every organ transplant done to you.
2.             Select
The next plan is Select. You will get all benefits from the Care Plan if you choose the Select Plan for your health insurance. All the benefits are added with acupuncture and aromatherapy session to boost your recovery. If you need organ transplant, The Wea Signature Healthcare will cover your medical payment up to $1.000.000.
3.             Elite
The third and most comprehensive coverage above all is the plan called Elite. You will also get all benefits of Care and Select Plan if you choose to have this Wea Health Insurance plan plus dental treatment and vision benefits. The coverage payment of organ transplant for this plan reaches $2.000.000.

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